Not sure if you would like standup paddling boarding? {you will}. 

If you are down on a Gulf Coast vacation, not ready to have a board at home or maybe you just want to try something new? We have the answer:

A rental from Gulf Coast Paddle Company is exactly what you need. Hourly, half-day, daily or weekly, you pick how long you want to have fun. We will take care of you.

  • Free delivery with daily rentals
  • Full rental applies to purchase on weekly rentals
  • Specials on group rentals 
  • Specials on tour and excursion rentals

Call us at 251-550-7235 or email us at to see the latest specials and rates.


We have a wide selection of the best paddleboards available.

For Fishing, Surfing, Recreational Paddling and Racing. GCPC always has the right paddleboard for you.

How do I know the right paddle board for me?


Our 'try before you buy' plan ensures you are getting the right board for you. When you buy a board from us we will give you a lesson to help you get started right. 

You’ll be able to go farther and faster than you thought. 

Indigo, a custom board builder that build all their boards here in the USA. From surfing to paddling to racing, Indigo will build your board to fit you and your style of paddling, Indigo will work with their graphic designers will create the design that reflects your personality and style.

BOTE. The industry leaders and technical innovators, with the world’s first fishing specific stand up board. Bote creates designs to paddle faster, further, and with purpose.